My preferred job, I started this passion with some friends by creating a youtube channel named “medha production” where we uploaded science fiction short movies and I signed my first contract as a “Special Effects Creator” with “Art Invasion”.

Now I upload “Self-development” videos in my other youtube channel named “medhallal”.

The FILM Director is responsible for managing the creative and technical aspects of a film or TV production. This includes directing actors, filming scenes, staging action sequences, and editing the final cut.

My Responsibilities:

  1. Direct actors to deliver a compelling performance.

  2. Assign shots and camera angles to bring out the best performances from actors.

  3. Stage exciting action sequences with a team of stunt coordinators and stunt performers.

  4. Edit the final cut of the film or TV show after it’s been filmed.

  5. Oversee all aspects of production from start to finish.